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Secret Tunnels UK:

A secret tunnel used as a World War II air-raid shelter has been discovered by property developers working on a seafront building in Brighton.

The tunnel from the former British Legion building to the beach is thought to date from 1840 when the property was built for a wealthy homeowner.

The tunnel would originally have been one of the luxuries of the house-an easy route from the property to the beach, this 100ft tunnel leading under the main seafront road, was blocked by concrete, when they broke through they found themselves on the beach.

Brighton beach was fortified during World War II to stop invading forces landing there and it is believed the tunnel, and others of its kind, would have been blocked up at the sea end in case Germans landed and tried to make their way up the tunnels into the seafront houses.

Local legend suggests the cliffs are honeycombed with secret tunnels but this is the only one we know of that would have been used privately.

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secret tunnels

A SECRET labyrinth of tunnels under Hertford

Believed to have been used by the Knights Templar, a secret society which still has members in the town,this underground lair would have been ..used by their forebears almost 1,000 years ago…some say they are still in use.

Secret Underground Bristol

The Templars were an international military order who formed during the crusades in 1118 and grew in power and wealth until their downfall in 1307, when King Philip arrested all the Templars in France.

Many escaped to England and some settled in Hertford.

Said to be the power behind many of medieval Europe’s thrones, they created the first ever banking system.

Clients could take a note to any Templar church in Europe and withdraw money.

King Edward II believed the Templars had a massive hoard of gold, silver and precious jewels in a vast casket, said to be buried nearby.The lost treasure, which some believe to be the Holy Grail, has never been recovered.

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Emanating from the dungeons of Hertford Castle and from Fore Street, the passages run like a warren under the ancient county town and stretch from Bluecoats to County Hall.

Today, many of the entrances to the subterranean passages have been bricked up but, according to the modern-day knights, some are still in use and may even be booby-trapped.

These comprise a argely unknown,mostly secret, ancient underground network that stretches beneath the town’s main street and extends to Fore Street, Market Square, Parliament Square, Hertford Castle, Church Street, Bluecoats, Priory Street and many other places.

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Known parts snake beneath well-known central Hertford locations, including the tourist office, the Castle, Monsoon, Threshers, the post office, Bayley Hall, and the council offices, both within the Castle and in County Hall,with one of these passages formerly connected to Shire Hall, now home to Hertford Magistrates Court, and the Salisbury Arms in Fore Street.

The Fore Street section once extended to a substantial section beneath Bluecoats School, which is still accessible from certain buildings,this section has many secret side-chambers and passages, one of which leads to chambers beneath the old pub the Dolphin, as well as a massive section beneath Priory Street.

The Priory Street tunnel was used by Templar mystics operating secretly among the Christians of the former long-gone Priory, which gave Priory Street its name, much of this labyrinth of tunnels created by Templars and secret societies linked to them,with much of this work taking place long after the Order officially disbanded in 1307.

Legend has it that the Templars disappeared underground… both literally and metaphorically,so are these tunnels proof of this?

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secret tunnels

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